Natural Immunogenics

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Argentyn 23
Our Professional Formulation

Argentyn 23 was developed specifically for healthcare professionals. The product offers healthcare providers a strategic immune enhancing alternative.


Natural-Immunogenics Lab Overview

The Natural-Immunogenics Corp. Analytical Laboratory is laid out in more than 750 square feet of laboratory space. Its equipment includes: Transmission Electron Microscopy (for particle size and characterization analyses); Atomic Absorption (for precise determinations of silver concentrations); pH; conductivity; centrifugation; and other sophisticated analytical equipment. [See the pictures that follow.] Although the lab's primary purpose is to ensure the purity, uniformity, performance and longevity (stability) of our products; it is also responsible for analyses for third-parties. Some of the studies are performed in the absence of ambient air, in an environmental chamber, to prevent the interference of oxygen-, carbon dioxide- and nitrogen-related artifacts.

Natural-Immunogenics Corp. constantly monitors the quality of its own products employing standard and custom-designed microbiological and biochemical tests to ensure their performance and maintain their superiority. Natural-Immunogenics Corp. also contracts with external, independent University or FDA-licensed laboratories to perform what are known as 3rd party microbiological and/or chemical analyses, for validation of in-house, experimental results.

More important than Natural-Immunogenics Corp.'s extensive laboratories is the expertise brought to bear by its R&D, Quality and Manufacturing scientists. This expertise is derived from the combined experience of its staff and their training in chemical, biochemical and microbiological processes, test methods, product development, validation and analysis.

Natural Immunogenics Corp. is a Registered and Certified GMP Facility. NSF International has certified our facility as fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices, confirming our high operating standards through independent verification of our quality system, processes, procedures and documentation. NIC has a long history of setting benchmarks in the industry, and remains committed to supplying customers with products of the highest quality and safety.

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