Natural Immunogenics

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Argentyn 23
Our Professional Formulation

Argentyn 23 was developed specifically for healthcare professionals. The product offers healthcare providers a strategic immune enhancing alternative.


In-house Electron Microscopy & 3rd Party Microscopy*

The finesse achieved by Natural-Immunogenics in its [colloidal] silver hydrosols could not have been achieved without the aid of the Transmission Electron Microscope. The company’s Phillips EM400T instrument is capable of resolution to less than 3 Angstroms. Since Natural-Immunogenics consistently produces silver species of a sub-nanometer size, the instrument is also used in its continuous quality control program.

Increasingly, for validation purposes, the company turns to 3rd party laboratories for corroboration of its own work. Below, left, are micrographs taken by Natural-Immunogenics of its product and several other widely-distributed silver products. For consistency, all such images have been done at a magnification of 100,000x.

Furthermore, we have submitted our own products and that of several competitive products to the Electron Microscopy lab at the University of Miami Medical School for qualified 3rd party evaluation. Below are our own images of those done at the U. of M. and the "Certificates of Analysis" accompanying each of them.

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Sovereign Silver™

Average particle size 0.0008 microns (0.8 nm). Complete dispersion.*

The Other Widely-Distributed Colloidal Silver Products

The 'Source Naturals/Wellness' product demonstrates a preponderance of large particles.*

The 'Future Biotics' product exhibits neutral silver particles that are smaller but easily agglomerate.*

The 'Innovative Naturals' product is a hybrid colloid/proteinate solution; even at the manufacturer’s recommended dose its 500-ppm product exceeds the EPA daily reference dose for silver.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Natural Immunogenics Corp. is a Registered and Certified GMP Facility. NSF International has certified our facility as fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices, confirming our high operating standards through independent verification of our quality system, processes, procedures and documentation. NIC has a long history of setting benchmarks in the industry, and remains committed to supplying customers with products of the highest quality and safety.

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