Doctor Recommends


  • Aloe Gold
    Some of the best Aloe Vera juice available on the market, manufactured by Aloe Life International.

  • Pro-biotic (Dr Ohhira's)
    Comprehensive fermented probiotic-prebiotic combination that helps to restore healthy flora within the intestinal tract

  • Selenium
     Food grown source of this essential trace element

  • Fish Oils
    Premiere essential fats from the cleanest waters in the Northern Hemisphere. Ecologically and environmentally responsible practices.

  • Homeopathic Products (King Bio)
    For the most trusted and high quality homeopathic products.

  • Ear Candles (Harmony Cone)
    Rekindling innovative healing from antiquity.

  • Orange TKO Cleaning Fluid
    A natural cleaning product distilled from orange peel for cleaning anything. Safe for children and pets!

MOVIES (documentaries)



  • Alliance for Natural Health USA / ANH Europe -
    Stay current on policy and other impacts on your health choices.

  • Join the Food Revolution -
    With John Robbins, Ocean Robbins and many other thought and health leaders.