1. Will Sovereign Silver give me Argyria (a condition that turns the skin blue)?

Argyria is a condition caused by the ingestion of elemental silver, or silver compounds, or the inhalation of silver dust. The most dramatic symptom of argyria is the skin becoming blue or bluish-gray colored. Argyria may be found as generalized argyria or local argyria. Argyrosis is the corresponding condition related to the eye. The condition is believed to be permanent, but laser therapy has been used to treat localized forms with satisfactory cosmetic results. It is true that using silver compounds (silver salts and silver proteins) may lead to Argyria (classified as a benign cosmetic condition), although the use of Silver Hydrosol, as directed, will not lead to Argyria. See our Safety Statement.

2. Why are your silver hydrosols packaged in glass and not plastic?

Natural Immunogenics has long been aware of the leaching effect that liquid metal colloids have on plastic containers. Despite this, many colloidal silver manufacturers contine to bottle in plastic. See Why We Bottle In Glass.

3. Why is Sovereign Silver clear in color while most other silver products are not?

Darker color is an indication of one or more of the following: Large particles that reflect visible light, compounds (salts or proteins), oxidation, or other impurities. A silver hydrosol is clear, or may have a slight pale hue.

4. Why is Sovereign Silver referred to as Silver Hydrosol, and what differentiates it from Colloidal Silver, Ionic Silver and other silver supplements?

Over the past few decades, the term colloidal silver has been dramatically polluted by manufacturers that produce (knowingly or unknowingly) silver products contaminated by the presence of salts, proteins, compounds, stabilizers and oxidation all of which serve to degrade and diminish the bioactivity of the silver. Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol represents the ultimate refinement of the colloidal silver category and distinguishes itself from what is commonly known as colloidal silver due to its purity and finesse. Learn more about the various Types of Silver and what makes a silver hydrosol different.

5. Is Sovereign Silver safe for a baby or pregnant women?

Although silver is a known component of the human and animal diet, FDA regulations limit the labeling of dietary supplements. Please consult with your health care provider to find out if silver hydrosol is appropriate for your needs during pregnancy or for the needs of your baby. Silver is a naturally occurring trace element found in all mammalian milk, edible mushrooms, whole grains, spring water, saltwater and even tap water, among others.

6. Can I use Sovereign Silver as eye drops or for sores on my skin?

Silver is regulated as a dietary supplement by FDA as described in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), therefore all official references to use must be for oral ingestion. The product contains pharmaceutical-grade purified water and 10 parts-per-million silver. Trace amounts of silver are already in the water you use for bathing, clearing debris from your eyes, drinking and brushing your teeth. Silver is found in spring water, sea water and tap water. The water used in Sovereign Silver is much more pure than that which comes out of the tap, which people splash in their eyes on a daily basis without incident. Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel is the product we offer for external use.

7. Do other silver products pose risks that Sovereign Silver does not?

The greatest acknowledged concern for improper use of silver (silver compounds) is the accumulation of silver compounds in the skin causing discoloration, known as Argyria. High parts per million (PPM) concentrations, particularly those that exceed the EPA oral Daily Reference Dose (RfD) for silver are not necessary and should be avoided.

8. Are other silver products with higher concentrations more powerful?

More is not always better. What makes one silver product more effective than another is not its PPM but rather its particle size, charge (not neutral) and purity. The smaller the particle, the more bio-available it becomes, and the greater the surface area available for interaction within the body. Learn more about the Oligodynamic effect, which demonstrates higher activity at lower concentration with certain elements.

9. Can pets safely be given this product?

Although silver is a known component of the human and animal diet, DSHEA defines dietary supplements as intended for human use, and FDA requires specific labeling if marketing a product for pets or animals. Please consult with your holistic veterinarian to find out if silver is appropriate for your pet.

10. Does Sovereign Silver destroy the friendly and beneficial probiotics (i.e., flora) in my intestines when I ingest it?

Taken orally as directed, Sovereign Silver absorbs rapidly in the upper gastrointestinal tract, leaving very little or none to interact with beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

11. I understand now about the concentration and particle size aspects of Sovereign Silver, but what about the Mild Silver Protein products?

Mild Silver Proteins contain silver in a bound, or compounded form, thereby leaving less available for desirable interaction within the body. Additionally, the only known forms of silver that accumulate in the tissues of the body are silver compounds. Silver proteins are not necessary for the body to receive the immune supportive benefits of silver. In fact, binding silver into protein compounds actually limits their supportive interaction within the body. Learn more about the various Types of Silver. We do not believe there is good reason to use MSP, since it typically contains much higher concentrations (50-500 PPM or more) of silver in bound forms.

12. How are you able to label so clearly the indications for use of the Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel but not the silver hydrosol?

Sovereign Silver's First Aid Gel is a homeopathic product. Homeopathic medicine is regulated as a drug by the FDA. Every over-the-counter homeopathic product must have clear indications for its use, as supported by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) or any other authoritative Materia Medica. Our silver hydrosols are regulated as dietary supplements and, therefore, cannot make any drug claims. See What We Can’t Say and Why to learn more about marketing restrictions.

13. Don't silver ions combine with chloride in the stomach thereby rendering them ineffective?

People have been taught in high school and college freshman chemistry that silver ions react with chloride ions to form water insoluble silver chloride. But in advanced courses in chemistry, one further learns that in the presence of large excesses of chloride ion, such as that found in stomach acid and/or blood, the silver exists as a water soluble complex ion containing 2 chloride ions per silver ion. Since this is water soluble it can be readily absorbed through the stomach if necessary. Now, while the strength of the complex ion formed by the reaction of silver with the two chloride ions is enough to prevent precipitation, it is also not enough to prevent the silver from its normal ability. There is no loss in effectiveness.

14. Why are there no disease claims made for your silver hydrosol?

Silver Hydrosol is marketed as a Dietary Supplement. In the US, supplements are regulated by the FDA in a different category than drugs. Natural Immunogenics will not make drug claims in its marketing materials, even though many other colloidal silver manufacturers do. Making drug claims against specific infections or diseases, even if heavily substantiated, would risk re-categorization of our hydrosols as unapproved new drugs (requiring an NDA/New Drug Application at a potential cost of millions of dollars). We take very seriously the regulations and abide by strict manufacturing requirements (cGMP) to assure that each batch of finished product is as pure and safe as the last. See What We Can't Say and Why.

15. What is the purpose of the vertical spray? Why not call it a nasal spray?

Even though we would like to label the product a nasal spray, we are forced to label the product for oral ingestion only. There is no law preventing you from using the product any way you choose. We provide the safest and most effective form of silver on the market, which happens to be safer and much purer than tap water, or even saline solutions.

16. Does Sovereign Silver need to be refrigerated, or require special storage?

No, refrigeration is not required or recommended for any of our products. We only recommend keeping the product away from sources of electromagnetic energy (microwaves, electrical outlets) and direct sunlight.

17. Does silver need to be taken on an empty stomach?

If you are doing a normal oral dosing protocol, having an empty stomach is not necessary; we do, however, recommend taking the product 5-15 minutes away from food and drinks. If you are doing the intestinal health protocol with aloe, then it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach.

18. Is your product a nanoproduct? I am hoping to avoid nano technology (which can be cytotoxic).

While nano-technology can be frightening when applied to substances that are toxic at any level, like mercury and genetically engineered pesticides, silver is a naturally occurring element found in the natural world, including at sizes measured on the nano-scale. Another concern with nano-technology is that they may take benign substances and combine them in ways that do not occur in nature. Fortunately, that is not the case for Sovereign Silver. Natural Immunogenics manufactures a Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol where pure silver (99.999% fine) is gently released into pharmaceutical grade purified water. The size of the particle, as small as 0.8 nanometers allows for efficiency of delivery and utilization by the body, along with easy excretion. See more about Why We Are Not Nanotechnology.

19. Why might your silver have a metallic taste?

Our silver product only ever tastes like water with a faint metallic taste. If it tastes any different, see why does my bottle taste bad.

20. Why does my bottle taste bad?

If it is ever seemingly stronger (bitter/sour/pungent) than a 'water with faint metallic taste', the primary reason would probably be due to metabolic changes, such as acidic saliva, which is most likely due to changes in diet or from dietary choices, both of which indicate a change in the pH of your saliva.  Secondary issues could be leaching of metals from dental amalgams. However, leaching usually only occurs when the saliva is acidic, thus pointing back to a dietary change.  You can easily find lists of alkaline foods on the internet. Organoleptic (taste & odor) tests are part of our batch release parameters. Our product is manufactured the same exact way with the same exact components, each and every time, and we have never released a "bad" batch.

21. What are the carbopol and sodium hydroxide used in your First Aid Gel and why do you use them?

The carbopol used is approved for use in food as an ingestible (also in medicinal syrups for infants). It is present as a fraction of a percentage of the total formula content, used only for engaging the liquid into a gel consistency for appropriate and prolonged topical application. The sodium hydroxide is a common ingredient used to buffer pH close to skin pH. As lye, it has been used in soap production for hundreds of years; any health concerns relate to its high pH, not its environmental or body toxicity. It is also only present at a fraction of a percentage point of the total formula, making it safe enough

22. Will the silver last longer than the 3 year expiration date?

All Sovereign Silver products carry a 3-year expiration date. This means that even at the 3-year mark, a silver content analysis would still show a reading of at least 10 ppm. Over time the concentration may decrease gradually as the silver adheres to (adsorbs onto) the inside of our glass bottles. So, it is always best to consume the product by the expiration date.

23.Why doesn't your dropper fill up all the way?

The amount of liquid which fills up into the dropper pipette is dependent on the amount of air in the rubber bulb top that is squeezed. One complete squeeze of the rubber bulb causes the dropper to fill up about half way. We consider this level to be 1 full dropper or dropperful.

24. Where can I purchase Sovereign Silver?

Sovereign Silver can be found at fine health food stores and select pharmacies all across the US. See our Store Locator to find a retailer near you.

25. Does Sovereign Silver contain nanoparticles?

Sovereign Silver is a Silver Hydrosol, meaning that it is a mixture of silver nanoparticles averaging 0.8nm in size, and silver ions. Learn more about the different Types of Silver.

26. Is your silver Ionic?

Ionic silver is a solution of silver that does not contain particles. Silver hydrosol is a mixture of silver nanoparticles and silver ions. Learn more about the different Types of Silver.

27. Why can't I accurately measure your silver content with a TDS meter?

Accurate measurement of silver concentration requires the use of either an atomic absorption, emission spectrometer, or a mass spectrometer, which are specifically designed to measure metal content in solutions. A Total Dissolved Solids Meter (TDS meter) measures the electrical conductivity of the sample solution and estimates the dissolved solids (not colloid content). Learn more about why we use a spectrometer and why a TDS is not appropriate for such measurements.

28. Can I use the silver if I'm on antibiotics?

Please consult your health care practitioner. We have not received any reports of contraindications when using other drugs, although we believe it should be taken apart from sulfa drugs or saline and other salts. In fact, some antibiotics are now being coated in silver. Find some of the latest science in our Knowledge Library.

29. How do you know that Sovereign Silver is the #1-selling colloidal silver product (in the USA)?

Sovereign Silver is currently sold in more than 7,000 health food stores and natural pharmacies nationwide, including major chains such as Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe. According to SPINS, the leading provider of information on the Natural Products Industry and its consumer dynamics, Sovereign Silver has been the #1-selling silver product since 2005, and currently has the top 6 selling items out of the more than 100 colloidal silver supplement products it tracks. SPINS collects scanner-based sales data on all UPC-coded products selling in our partnering natural products supermarket retailers. Using proven sampling and projection methodologies, sales from these cooperating retailers are projected to represent sales from the entire Natural Channel. See http://www.spins.com/scan-data/natural for more information.

30. Can I dilute Sovereign Silver, mix it with saline, juices or other juices?

Dilution is never recommended, since the product contains a safe, low concentration of silver. We strongly recommend against mixing it with saline or other potential binding agents.

31. Is Sovereign Silver vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free or GMO-free?

Sovereign Silver is vegan, as well as allergen-, gluten-, and GMO-free.

32. What is the difference between Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23?

Sovereign Silver is our consumer brand, containing 10 ppm of silver. Argentyn 23 is our professional brand, containing 23 ppm of silver. You will only ever need Argentyn 23 when under the care of a practitioner.

33. Will airport x-rays damage the product?

No, we had not seen any harm to the product as a result of short term exposure to x-rays.

34. Can I refill any of my 2-ounce liquid bottles from the larger bottles?

Yes, all Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol bottles contain the same liquid content: 10 ppm silver in pharmaceutical grade purified water. Because we are always concerned about the purity of our product, we do not suggest doing this more than once or twice, before recycling the smaller bottle.

35. Your label states dosing for children 4 years and older; what about younger children?

Due to FDA labeling laws for dietary supplements, we can only label the product for children 4 years and older. See your health care practitioner for use with children under 4.

36. Will extreme heat damage the product?

Absent boiling, the product will not be damaged if exposed to high temperatures (under 125 degrees Fahrenheit) for short periods. It is not advised to store the product in a car during the summer, where temperatures can exceed this for prolonged periods.

37. Will freezing (and thawing) damage the product?

Freezing and thawing does not affect the quality of the product. If the bottle breaks, then it should be discarded.

38. What is the source of silver in your hydrosol products?

Our silver is sourced from different mines in the US and then refined to our specifications of 99.999% pure.

39. How do I get the last bit of gel out of my bottle? Why not use a plastic tube instead?

First of all, we use glass bottles, because they are the least reactive. We are aware there is always some gel (10-15% left) in the bottom of the bottle, because the dip tube does not reach the bottom completely. If it did, it would easily clog and the pump would stop functioning. The best way to then get all the gel out is: (1) when the pump will not dispense any more, turn the bottle upside down, and shake for a moment so that the gel falls to the top; (2) remove the pump top completely and use the dip tube as an application spatula. This will allow you to get nearly 100% of the gel out of the bottle. Take care not to contaminate the tip when doing this. If you have ever used a plastic tube product, there is often much more product left in these containers, too.

40. I just purchased a large bottle and am having difficulty pouring a teaspoon or tablespoon from the bottle without spilling it? Can you recommend a better way?

If you are having difficulties pouring any amount from the bottle, we suggest doing it over a shot glass or some other type of glass so you can recover what might otherwise be 'spilled'. Normally, when people take our product, and especially once they know what the volume of a teaspoon or tablespoon feels like in their mouth, they just rest the threads of the neck of the bottle on their lower lip and pour into the mouth. Spillage never happens this way.

41. Is your product nanosilver?

We could be considered a nanosilver product, if only considering particle size, but nanosilver is not a widely accepted scientific term, nor actual product description or classification, it only refers to size. Silver companies use marketing language like nanosilver, hoping to convince the consumer that their particle size is small. The problem is that nano covers a range generally from 1-100 nanometers (nm); there is a huge difference between a 1 nm particle and a 60 nm particle.

42. Why does your bottle of Sovereign Silver in Europe say For External Use Only?

The bottle in Europe labeled "Multi-Purpose" FOR EXTERNAL USE is the same product that is labeled in the US as Immune Support - DIETARY MINERAL SUPPLEMENT for oral ingestion. We know this is confusing but it ensures the product remains available to our European clientele. Regulations in Europe have prevented us from labeling the product as an ingestible. If you look at the bottom of the right side of the label, you will see the following: “In the event of oral consumption, the US Environmental Protection Agency has established a daily oral Reference Dose for silver ingestion at 350 mcg/day, over a 70-year lifetime.” This reference dose means that you can ingest 178,850 teaspoons of Sovereign Silver over a 70 year lifetime and never exceed a safe level of silver ingestion. See more about How Dietary Supplements are Regulated in Europe.

43. Why is Sovereign Silver labeled as a Trace Element in Canada, when it is labeled for Immune Support in the US?

US and Canadian regulatory frameworks are different. The Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada (equivalent to FDA) requires a complete assessment of product safety and efficacy before it may be marketed in Canada. Sovereign Silver was assessed for both and classified as a Trace Element (an essential element for the maintenance of good health). Learn more about How Supplements are Regulated in Canada.

44. Why is a positively charged silver particle (Ag+) better than a neutral silver particle (Ag) or a silver compound?

The question of particle charge is important because it acknowledges the active state of silver, the cation (Ag+). Many manufactured colloidal silvers are purposely or inadvertently bound into neutral silver compounds like silver salts and silver proteins. Mostly, this is done so that the water will hold higher ppm concentrations. However, throwing more silver into colloidal suspension (or dissolved solution, in the case of silver salts) does not necessarily result in greater benefit. When you have a preponderance of active silver (Ag+), you need very little to effect very powerful and positive changes within the biological milieu. For example, 10 parts-per-million of a predominantly active cation suspension can exert far more powerful effects than 500 parts-per-million silver colloids bound into neutral protein species. For the average consumer, even those well informed, colloidal silver is a ?blind? item. It?s hard to see what your body sees without magnifying colloids via electron microscopy by a factor of 100,000x or even greater. At that level, particle size can be measured and uniform dispersion would indicate active Ag+ content. A pure silver colloid, according to the Immunogenic Research Foundation, is evidenced by the presence of Ag+ that is uniform, picoscalar and oligodynamic (bio-active), which is more accurately referred to as Silver Hydrosol. Neutral silver particles, or silver containing the outermost electron, are not in a biologically active state.

45. I understand the importance of small size, but wouldn't a small size particle (Ag) be more bio-available than an Ag+ ion?

If you want silver to interact within the colloidal milieu of the body and support known biological functions, then neutral particles will do you little good. Smaller is better, but size alone does not determine activity. ?The activity of biocatalysts like colloidal silver is directly proportional to the adsorption power upon a biological surface.? This basically means that bio-activity is dependent upon the presence of the active state of silver (Ag+).

46. At what size are silver colloids rendered ineffective?

Surface area is of utmost importance. The larger the particles in colloidal suspension, the less surface area is available to interact efficiently within a biological system. If you take a pure silver dollar, you basically have three sides and very limited surface area. If you release that ounce of pure silver into a trillion (or more) little active particles (Ag+), then you have surface area orders of magnitude greater than conceivable. When it comes to the active state of silver, smaller is better.

47. Why might the body need silver as a nutritional trace element?

In human physiology, silver plays an important role. It is literally an essential trace element for the peripheral nervous system. Scientific peer-reviewed publications have identified that there are receptor sites for silver in myelin neural tissue. Receptor sites do not occur by accident; if you have them, they are there for a very specific reason. Scientists and doctors are speculating that this may be due to silver?s unique properties - including its electrical conductivity, inflammation modulation and regenerative properties.

48. What is the dark ring on the dropper?

This deposit is metallic silver, and is due to an effect called capillary rise in small diameter tubes. This dark lining or 'ring' shows the surface as a curve with the liquid rising along the capillary walls to form a very thin film on the capillary walls. This curve is called the meniscus. Since in this thin film the surface area to volume ratio of the solution is higher than anywhere else, evaporation will be fastest at this point. As the liquid evaporates the concentration of solids increases until they separate as a deposit. This deposit will always be found only in the dropper tube and slightly above the liquid level in the capillary.