Myths About Silver

MYTH: More is better

  • Fact: Never take more than necessary. (Do you take a 10,000mg aspirin?)

    • A common myth is that "more is better," the false belief that higher concentration means greater efficacy. Swiss botanist Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli defined the oligodynamic effect (Greek: oligos = few, dynamis = force) in 1893 to describe how extremely low metal ion concentrations exert potent biocidal activity, a fact known to this day.

MYTH: Colloidal silver Should be Dark (AKA "true colloidal silver")

  • Fact: Larger particles diffract more light, making a solution dark

    • A known fact in colloidal chemistry: the darker the solution, the larger the particles. Large particles diffract more light. Another known fact in physical chemistry: the smaller the particle, the greater the surface area (available for interaction). Combine these two scientific facts to learn why a clear Colloidal silver product typically indicates smaller particles, which are easier for the body to absorb, process & eliminate. An easy way to test this is to pass a laser through the solution - the more visible the beam, the larger the particles the beam is hitting. This is called the Tyndall effect. Learn more about the different Types of Silver.

      • Sand vs Rocks
        Here is an indication of particle size. How many "particles" are in the glass full of rocks? How many are in the glass full of sand? How many particles, in each case, are available for interaction? How much more surface area is offered by the smaller particles? If talking about absorption, distribution and elimination, would the body have an easier time processing gravel or grains of sand? You need not be a scientist to guess the correct answer.

      • Array of Bottles
        Here you can see different silver products with varying particle sizes and concentrations, and different states of oxidation. Again, the larger the particle size the more intense the color, and the higher the concentration, the darker. Larger particles lead to more color, and more particles block more light. Oxidation may also be a cause of discoloration, resulting from particle aggregation.

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MYTH: Better to Make your Own

  • Fact: you get what you pay for, and homemade is cheap

    • Many people sell Colloidal silver generators and, for pennies on the dollar, you can make your own at home. However, there are risks and you will not make great quality. In essence, you will need to take more to achieve the same effect of a high quality silver product, and will be consuming something with unknown concentration and toxicity. In fact, most cases of argyria have resulted from using homemade Colloidal silver over extended periods of time. Learn more about Making Your Own

      NOTE: Sovereign Silver has never been linked to a case of argyria. In fact, an expert statement makes clear why such a reaction would be functionally impossible to achieve with the product.

MYTH: Bottling Colloidal silver in Plastic is Fine

  • Fact: it is not recommended to store a colloidal product in plastic (nor anything in plastic which carries an electrical charge)

    • The truth is that bottling in plastic is cheap, easy and efficient. It reduces countless worries associated with glass and breakage, shipping weights, and results in substantial savings.. but at a quality control cost we find unacceptable. Read below to learn why we cannot jeopardize the quality and purity, with our knowledge of the scientific reasoning of glass being the better choice, in order to reap a savings in cost and processes. Learn More »

MYTH: You can use a TDS Meter to measure the concentration of colloidal silver

  • Fact: sellers of silver generators suggest using a TDS meter to determine concentration of silver in homemade colloidal silver, but these will not give an accurate reading.

    • This is a grossly inadequate way to determine the concentration of silver in your (or anyone else's) product. What a TDS meter measures is conductivity and estimates concentration based on that reading. TDS meters ignore colloidal particles and are not appropriate for this type of analysis. Learn More »

MYTH: All Colloidal silver is the same

  • Fact: making great Colloidal silver involves a lot more than running electricity between two silver wires in water.

    • All Colloidal silver will 'work' to some extent, but are not created equal. Any bottled water may hydrate you, but not all provide nutrients, or are devoid of toxins. Colloidal silver also encompasses a broad array of products and chemical formulations, which have varying degrees of known toxicity and efficacy. We have proven how Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is the safest and most effective* form of silver ever developed. And it's not just us saying this. Learn more about Types of Silver or why ours is safe

MYTH: Colloidal silver will turn me blue. (Or silver is toxic)

  • Fact: everything can be toxic in a certain amount

    • When assessing the toxicity and/or safety of any chemical, a number of factors must be considered, the most important of which is concentration. Chlorine, as a prime example, is an extremely caustic chemical with an infinite list of terrible side effects and dangers, yet it is used to keep the world's water supply clean and, when bound with sodium, exists in the form of salt on your dinner table. Most chemicals, including the components of the air we breathe, are toxic at the wrong concentration.

      The concentration of silver in our product is so low, you could safely take 7 teaspoons every day for 70 years and never reach what even the EPA considers to be the lowest observed adverse event level (LOAEL) conservative minimum recommended amount.

      Our low concentration and high percentage of positively charged silver is what makes our silver products more effective than others. In our history, there has never been a documented case of our product causing any toxic reactionLearn more »

MYTH: Colloidal silver is Snake Oil

MYTH: Silver has no functional role in the body, and no therapeutic value

  • Fact: silver should be considered a trace mineral and its benefits are documented extensively in the scientific literature; in fact, silver is already present in the human body, as well as mammalian milk, indicating a functional role

    • Many [allopathic] doctors and regulatory agencies today still claim that silver - or colloidal silver, specifically - has no functional role or therapeutic value, although plenty of evidence exists to the contrary (Learn more in the Knowledge Library). Sovereign Silver and Argentyn 23 have been recognized as "Trace Elements" by Health Canada (equivalent to FDA in the US), after performing a thorough evaluation of its efficacy and safety. Trace elements are essential for the maintenance of good health (like copper, zinc, iron, etc).

MYTH: Silver may harm my gut flora

  • Fact: the silver form found in our products always absorbs before reaching the lumen, and so does not typically disturb gut flora

    • When taken orally, silver absorbs readily through Mucosa- and Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT, GALT) before reaching the gut, or even the stomach. Doses over 2 ounces or very highly concentrated silver products over 100 ppm can and will reach the gut.

MYTH: "True colloidal silver" is the best colloidal silver

  • Fact: there is no such thing as "true colloidal silver"

    • "True Colloidal Silver" is a marketing term with no scientific definition; it implies completely suspended silver and no ionic silver, which is inherently unstable. Learn more about the different Types of Silver

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