It gives us great pleasure to open up to you the world's largest library of colloidal silver products. Since 1999, Natural Immunogenics Corp. has accumulated and analyzed over 110 competing silver brands from the US, Canada, UK, Holland and Australia. Over the years, we have been constantly asked what distinguishes Sovereign Silver from the rest. Well, here's the proof. Below, you will find a complete run-down of any brand and see how it compares to what we manufacture. It has always been our goal to offer up the actual science so consumers and buyers are able to make an educated decision regarding which silver they will choose. Suggest a commercial brand to analyze by contacting us.

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Sovereign Silver VS.
P  N
Sovereign Silver  Sovereign Silver? 
Claimed PPM 10 10
Actual PPM 11.44
pH 6.64
Color Clear Clear
Date Tested Aug-2012 Dec-2017
100,000 - 110,000 x under
an electron
Container Amber Glass Amber Glass
Water Used Pharmaceutical grade purified water (USP23, de-ionized) Pharmaceutical grade purified water (USP23, de-ionized)
Dosage Recommendation 1 tsp 1 tsp
Dose as % of Rfd 13.50% 13.50%
Lot# AE39S
Expiration Date Apr 15, 2017 Jan 01, 1970