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Water: de-ionized

Water which has been purified by treating with mixed bed ion exchange resins which convert the ions into water. One of the highest degrees of purity achievable for water is pharmaceutical grade purified water meeting USP 23/24 standard (See also Water for injection)

Water: distilled

Water purified by boiling and condensing the resultant steam.

Water: filtered

Water purified by passing through one or more filters, designed to remove basic contaminants.

Water: reverse osmosis

Water which has been purified by force through a membrane, resulting in virtually pure water.

Water for injection

Water that has been purified by distillation for the preparation of products for intravenous use. One of the highest degrees of purity achievable for water. Also known as USP 24 Grade Water, or Pharmaceutical Grade Purified Water.

Wave-particle duality

Postulates that all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties. A central concept of quantum mechanics, this duality addresses the inability of classical concepts like "particle" and "wave" to fully describe the behavior of quantum-scale objects.


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